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Stick to the original heart, climb the technical peak of Guangzhou sea industry

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On April 28, a delegation of Guangdong Shipbuilding Industry Association and Qiu Xiangyao, chairman of Guangzhou HG Marine Co., Ltd., exchanged and talked about Guangzhou Marine Engineering research, management, production and so on. In Guangzhou offshore production site, technical workers are about to deliver a batch of GRM40 shafeless rim electric propeller commissioning, due to this year's production task order is full, recently, the workers are continuously working overtime to ensure on-time delivery.


In the past three years, affected by the epidemic and global economic uncertainties, all walks of life have been greatly affected. Similarly, during the epidemic period, Guangzhou HG is also facing no small difficulties, but Guangzhou HG workers did not lose hope and confidence, at the end of 2021, the company layout in advance, in-depth research by the management team, in the traditional off-season of the industry in the opposite way, open up new business and new customers, spare no effort to increase investment in research and development, through external connection, based on self, absorption and transformation, development and innovation. Training talents for the development of rim electric thrusters, gradually building a new industrial chain, developing small and medium-sized power hook up market, expanding electronic control equipment,ship supporting equipment projects, and achieving good results. In 2021, the GRM100 with rated power of 250KW and GRM70 with rated power of 100KW developed and manufactured by Guangzhou HG Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. won the CCS certification issued by China Classification Society, becoming the first set of domestic shaftless electric Marine thrusters with CCS certification. This is a major breakthrough in the research and development of China's shaftless wheel electric propeller, and also an important milestone in the development of the industry, which marks a substantial step forward for China's shaftless wheel propeller. This achievement is the affirmation of the Guangzhou Sea workers' unremitting efforts and hard work。Guangzhou HG forged ahead and continued to innovate, and completed the "Key technology research and industrialization project of high-efficiency and low-noise Marine shaftless rim full rotary electric direct drive propeller", which successfully passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal and obtained the certificate in September 2022; The project also won the first prize of Guangdong Electrical industry science and Technology. In the same year, it passed the qualification review of high-tech enterprises, and was identified as a specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprise and innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Guangdong Province. In 2022, the output value of Guangzhou Offshore industry hit a record high, with a year-on-year growth of 40%, and the net profit increased by 200%, among which overseas orders will contribute to the company's revenue, significantly exceeding the contribution rate of domestic orders, and becoming the company's most important growth point of output value and profit in the future.At the beginning of 2023, Guangzhou Marine Engineering successfully delivered a batch of GRM260 shaftless rim electric thrusters to Jimei University, and a batch of GRM40 shaftless rim electric thrusters to Fujian Zhangzhou Hailian Shipping Co., Ltd. At present, the company's orders are relatively full, and the company's revenue target is expected to break through the 50-100 million yuan mark in 2023, completing the strategic transformation and the take-off of output value.


Thousands of grinding millions of blows still strong, let you east and west wind. Qiu Xiangyao, chairman of Guangzhou HG, said that Guangzhou HG has been grinding a sword for eight years, investing tens of millions of yuan in the development of shaftless thrusters, and establishing a shaftless thruster R&D center jointly with the academician team of Wuhan University of Technology, after a large number of subsystem research and development and overall technical research, a large number of prototype tests and product real ship tests. Taking the lead in developing a product, highly reliable, excellent performance of Marine shaftless propeller, Guangzhou HG has mastered the key core technology, the future, Guangzhou HG will focus on technology and product reliability for the shipbuilding industry, national defense construction to make greater contributions. (Contribution/Lian Xiaomei)