• Steering gear and Deck machinery
  • USV
    The Unmanned Surface vehicle(USV) adopts a wireless remote control controlled from an ipad inteligen
  • UAV
    The UAV is designed and produced by Guangzhou HG Marine . it is used for underwater camera and  vide
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With over 25  years' experience, Guangzhou HG Marine , is a driven technology-oriented company, and has focused on the research and development of steering gears, deckmachinery and marine-hydraulic technology.However, lately we have moved into the higher technology areas of  Unmanned surface / Auotonomous sub sea vehicles, further developing within the thruster sphere and developed an advanced Rim driven well as new propulsion systems. We have been gaining increasing worldwide recognition thanks to the exemplary performance and reliability of our products and our relentless efforts on higher technology.

We mainly develop and produce a variety of ship steering gear, and also other deck machinery such as anchor windlasses, winches, windlass, shark jaws, and boat launch and retrival system. We have invested substantially in the research and development on three key areas--mechanism, hydraulics and sealing. We always strive to develop and deliver to the highest standard pruducts.

During the past 2 years, we have begun our next level of products portfolio well in line with the market demands, moving into the areas of Unmanned surface, autonoumous vehicles and rim thrusters, we are at the forefront of this in China.

To date, thousands of HG products have been widely installed on a range of ships: yachts, cruise ships, tugboats, fishing boats, engineering vessels and commercial carriers. With technologically advanced and reliable products, we have established an excellent reputation in the Southern part  of China, Southeast Asia, Northern Europe.

As the pace of ship-building is increasingly quickened, ship designers require prompt and professional support and prospective ship owners demand reliable equipment. We are confident that we will be able to meet all your demands and requirements.

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