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The HG marine Rim Driven Thruster(RDT) saves space and lower environmental impact with exceptionally low noise.


Function Principle

The Rim-driven thruster is a marine propeller which does not need a hub for transmission of the driving torque. Conventional propellers need a shaft line which is driven by a turbine, a diesel engine or an electric motor. The more recent podded drives consist of a conventional propeller which is arranged together with a conventional electric motor into an azimuthable gondola under water.


The blades of the rim-driven thruster are mounted on a ring which constitutes the rotor of an electric motor. It is surrounded by the stator which is also ring-shaped and creates the necessary torque. Rotor and stator are water tight and the whole unit operates submerged. Similar to an azipod, a rim-driven thruster can be designed fixed, retractable and/or azimuthing.

There is no need for an external motor, shafts or couplings. Water-lubricated bearings eliminate the need for lube oil, and the risk of oil pollution. With no central shaft and no dynamic seals, there is less risk of damage due to line and rope entering the thruster.


Pros and Cons

The largest advantage of this building principle is its minimal noise emissions and the low space requirement. It enables relatively simple integration in many applications. Since the rotor is driven directly by the electro-magnetic forces, no shaft and no gearbox is needed. Sealing of moving parts is not necessary, rotor and stator can be sealed hermetically. Since the blades are mounted to the rotor ring, there is no tip gap. This, together with the gearbox removes prominent sources of noise. Rim-driven thrusters are therefore characterized by an extremely low level of noise emissions.

Disadvantage is a reduced efficiency due to increased friction losses in the gap between rotor and stator.


Our RDT can be made in small versions as well as customized

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