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The UAV is designed and produced by Guangzhou HG Marine . it is used for underwater camera and  video surveillance. The UAV is flexible in usage underwater maneuvering and navigation .it can go move up and down turn right and left ,forwards and backwards, able to pith and swing underwater .

According to the UAV is high power led searchlight and HD camera ,shooting underwater scenery displayed the wonderful underwater scene for you .this UAV can be widely used in the application need to shoot or the monitoring of the entertainment and leisure industry underwater, for example :Sea fishing, sightseeing, leisure, underwater exploration ,aquaculture ,underwater equipment maintenance and so on. Easy to carry, simple operation.

Part of the technical parameters:

Limit Depth: 60m

Max navigational speed:2m/s

Control mode: Mobile phone+ Single transmission by cable

Image transmission: Portable type of electric capstan

 Illumination mode: High power LED light

Indication : Mobile phone APP indicator

Size: 390¡Á260¡Á160mm

Weight :4.0kg


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