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USV was developed by Guangzhou HG Marine Co ,. Ltd.. and is mainly used for inland and offshore detection.  water patrol monitoring.  and water operations.  It overcomes the shortcomings of poor drone life and small cargo capacity. realizes long-distance remote control and intelligent navigation.  significantly improves the safety and convenience of waterborne operations and detections.


Number 1Functions and features of USV


Offshore and inland river exploration.  water patrols. water operations



Number 2Structure composition and working principle




Autonomous navigation procedures can also be set up to allow small boats to power along prescribed routes. If loosing control of the USV it can return back to base automatically. Furthermore.  you can also use the local control box on the vessel to achieve the above control functions. 


2Working principle


The boat is equipped with a set of battery packs (charged by solar panels or diesel generators). a hybrid type that provides power to the entire ship.  and the generated electricity is sent all the way to inverters and shaft less thrusters to drive the smart boat forward. All the way through the distribution box to the transformer for the whole ship's other operating machinery such as manipulators. Cameras. Tweeters. wireless remote control systems and other purposes.


On the shore. you can use the remote control (with color display), remotely control the start / stop of the diesel engine. the forward / backward / turning of the boat. and the movement of the working machine through the video transmitted in real time. On the screen of the remote control, you can clearly see the relative position of the dinghy and the shore operating point and the image returned by the camera. Autonomous navigation procedures can also be set up to allow small boats to sail along prescribed routes. After losing control. you can return home automatically. You can also use the local control box on the boat to achieve the above control functions.


For the patrol function on the water. the camera can be manually controlled to take photos and collect evidence. and the tweeter can also be used to give a manual call alert.



Number 3USV technical parameters



Captain x Width x Draught

6mx2mx0.3msingle)、6mx2mx0.3mthree body


0.8 Ton


Single or three body


FRP (or aluminum alloy)


7 sections (can be added as needed)

Remote control distance

20 km (additional if required)


1 Ton

Diesel generator set power

20 KW

Battery pack capacity


Diesel Power System

Alternating current 380V

Thruster type


Propulsion motor power

20 KW

Rudder type

Electric rudder


Pixel camera


Fuel tank capacity


Life time

12 小时




Other functions

Autonomous navigation, automatic positioning,   automatic return, remote   video remote control



Trimaran USV


Monohull USV

Number 4Features and advantages of USV


1The high safety factor and good economic benefits can effectively save manpower and material resources. The most important thing is to eliminate the hidden safety hazards and labor intensity caused by personnel traveling.


2High reliability. USV can set sailing directions and routes at will. and return automatically after completing the mission. Can also use artificial long-distance video remote navigation and operation.


3The USV equipment has two sets of backups. which are standby for each other. Any one of them can perform the task normally if it fails.


4The hull of the USV has good air tightness. a low center of gravity. and is resistant to wind and waves.


5After the USV is outside of remote controlled distance range for a certain time. If no remote controlled instruction is received. the vessel will stop moving ahead and return automatically to its initial starting point to ensure that the vessel returns safely.


6Adopt electric propulsion system only on high-end civilian ships or warships. with high integration. extremely low failure rate. and long-term maintenance-free.

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