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     We started by producing steering gears, which remains one of our main product lines. We have more than 20 years of experience in their research and development. Our products range from 5KN.m to 500KN.m in size and can be used on ships of a variety of classes from river boats, small yachts to 60,000-ton commercial carriers.

     Like steering wheels and steering systems in an automobile, the reliability and performance of steering gears and their control systems affects the ship's maneuverability and, more importantly, its safety. When accessing busy mooring ports or dealing with emergencies at sea, steering gears play an equally important role as the propulsion system. Their performance and reliability is a key factor of a ship's safe voyage.  

    With the rapid development of marine engineering, not only do commercial carriers require higher maneuverability, but also engineering vessels require dynamic positioning. The reliability and sensitivity of steering gears is key to a ship's positioning accuracy.

     In order to continuously refine the performance of our steering gears, we have invested generously in research of sealing for hydraulics, reliability and sensitivity of electro-hydraulic system and the compatibility of steering gears and paddles. We are committed to keeping abreast of the advanced development of steering gears and continuing to meet the increasing demands of our customers.

     Today, we are well established as a manufacturer of a high-level brand of steering gears and our products are being widely used throughout the shipbuilding industry. 

HG Steering gears' advantages

High reliability

High sensitivity

Aesthetic shapes

Low energy consumption

Steering live match

Manual, hydraulic or electric power

Use of network communication technology with  less wiring and improved anti-jamming ability

Compact design and easy installation

Full account of maintenance

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