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HG Marine is a technology-based company and we have a team of many staff members committed to research on mechanical structures, hydraulics and automation. We have established a research and development centre for steering gears and marine hydraulic technology in 2003, which clearly spells out the strategic importance of R&D in our continuous success. We have also been collaborating with other well-known research organizations on a variety of projects.

We follow closely international development of hydraulics, sealing materials and electronic control technology and proactively apply new technology to our products to further improve their performance and quality while we develop new product ranges. 

We have been conducting extensive research on component reliability, sealing and hydraulic system and testing the reliability and performance of key components such as pumps, valves and fuel tanks. We have also focused on the study of key factors of cylinder sealing, including precision and materials.  This research has enabled us to continuously improve the performance of our systems and polish the details of our products. 

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