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Guangzhou Marine Engineering delivered a batch of new shaftless electric propeller to Jimei University

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Facing the sea and with spring flowers blooming, Guangzhou HG Marine Co., Ltd. has successfully delivered a batch of GRM260 shafeless rim electric thrusters to Jimei University, which will be installed on the new all-electric intelligent ship prepared by Jimei University. The ship is 4.8 meters long and is powered by lithium batteries. It is mainly used for hull performance testing of double thrusters in offshore waters. Lay the hardware foundation for the development of the next generation of smart ships. The propulsion scheme adopted by the project is the world's latest 4th generation electric propeller, with ultra-low noise, ultra-high efficiency and reliability, completely no leakage and other advantages, perfect replacement of traditional propeller, but also completely improve the shortcomings of the previous generation of podded propeller poor steering performance, is a revolutionary innovation in the field of Marine propulsion system, epoch-making products.


Guangzhou HG Marine Co., Ltd. is a specialized and special new enterprise in Guangdong Province, a high-tech enterprise unit, and a governing unit of Guangdong Shipbuilding Engineering Society. In 2021, the shaftless flange electric propeller developed by Guangzhou Marine Engineering passed the inspection of China Classification Society and obtained the first domestic flange propeller ship inspection certificate. Guangzhou HG has mastered the core technology and independent intellectual property rights of shafeless electric propeller, accumulated rich experience in R & D, manufacturing and commercial application, and is in a leading position in China. In recent years, it has developed various specifications of power 1-1000kw, suitable for various types of ship main thrust/side thrust electric thrusters. It is believed that in the future, shaftless rim electric thrusters will continue to lead the development of global Marine power technology and realize new energy and intelligent applications.







Guangzhou HG Marine Co., Ltd

March 25, 2023